Sunday, January 13, 2019
8:30 AM
Star Seed

Life’s knowledge and time speaks, I open my mouth and God breaths life into all who will recieve.
This is a once hidden talent inside me.
I started young knowing the infinite possibilities and those raising me feared what they didn’t understand in me. So some tried to beat it out of me, some tried to ware it out force it out drag it out of me. But, you can’t take what’s part of my being. Living light is what I am you see as the MASTER wills I am His imagery even in my darkness and mystery I shine I rise I am existing within the self existing one and only UNIVERSAL God. I am that I am sent me to love and teach love and the precious holy loving spirit of the living God is as gentle as a dove. I am come to tell you you must know God exists in you before you will ever learn to love, that’s yourself, then others as yourself. Because if you don’t get this forget everything else.
Nothing will matter to the master if you don’t get the design of our glory or disaster. So, I will explain to you all the plan you see all of us are gas spirit water fire and land. Created exactly from all that Creation is by Gods very own hands.
So you see looking at you I should see me and love me in you for the MOTHER is in us equally.
Learn to listen to the voice within and you’ll learn only then, how to paint with all the colors of the WIND!

Shine your light you beautiful STAR!
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“Wanna take your taste buds South of the border right here in your home town Salisbury?”



Some times I get in the mood for something spicey jazzy and hot. I know you do too! We all do.

Go Burrito in Salisbury N.C. offers all that and more! It is a three tier rooftop restaurant which I enjoy with my girlfriends during late spring early summer, bar and karaoke floor which I have also enjoyed on days I want to get out of my cave and see the humans, as well as the ground cafe area, which was my reason to visit yesterday.

I went for that familiar authentic taste that only Go Burrito in Salisbury N.C. can provide. My itch began to be scratched as the young lady behind the counter started to pile the shredded lettuce and chopped spinach on my plate, she heaped on two mounding scoops of stake and long grain brown rice. My eyes told my belly yes, as she scooped and added, corn salsa, picodigio, jalapenos cooked and fresh, diced red onions, guacamole shredded mozzarella and chipotle ranch dressing.

Yes Yes! They did it again! If you need a quick lunch or change in menu, wanna let your taste buds try new venues? You can do it right outside your back door!

Goooooooooo Burritos!




WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOUR THIRD EYE WAS OPEN [ then you begin to write the “Book of 7even”


While writing I have discovered key lessons we have not been taught at home or abroad.

The 7 Gates we have only been taught of 5.

The 7 deadly sins but do we know how they ease in, in such smaller subtle ways?

The 7 ways of escape provided by the Most High are a master key.

We must learn the technique of obedience to the inner unctioning of our spirit.

The Holy Ghost is your key internally!