Good morning love, I didn’t want to come at you too early or too loud! I gotta let you know I see you are breathing love, and I see you as my moon and stars love, I can’t let you slip away I go nights and days, where I feel sick without you love, my stomach aches and my head pounds my hearts throbbing, sleep evading me, as I age faster head graying, constantly praying for you and only you love, love I think of you, I breathe you, desire and deserve you love I’m looking for you!

Aww- come on now love, you evade me, you’ve played me, filleted me, skewed and stewed me Love, you have proven so many times because you’re the spirit of God! So, love what have I done that’s so unjust to you Beloved true Love how is it that I have gained enemy in you Love when I believed in you knew you to be true you love me in your own way love, your language is so beautiful and scary, unkind, unhappy, jealous, confused, lost and twisted Love, I know how you feel.. you are embedded within me love, I love to love to love ya love, through it all and until death love; forever and always you come first Love! R&Risims&skizims

I can’t let your trip out mess me up hun, you’re going through phases and stages that I will agree are rough spaces I can’t deny that you deserve your space in time, you got your chance to be who you wanted to be with me, but self sabotage is steering your helm and direction and I can’t take me through those doors with you it’s only because once I saw how I gotta be ok without you, so life taught me the only way I must go through trauma I had to have not avoided the darkness, karma has been too much of a beast dram for Bigmama, mauling me and I don’t want to keep experiencing that energy, so I stepped outside looking in on life I can’t attach myself, entangle an entangling myself in a web you’ve weaved, you energy that tries to deceive me, go ahead and trip out I’m moving forward with or without you my super self absorbed ego I don’t need you no more! I’m not in danger of being crushed in any way because ultimately I made it through hell and back with you, now go sit down in my subconscious and observe what life looks like through my other eye!

Everything must go

Cast Iron wood burning stove

2 50gal kerosene barrels

One small gas powered generator

Manual wood splitter

10 solar panels with batteries

Push lawnmower

Brand new hot plate

Brand new griddle

Chest of drawers

Hand truck

Gardening tools

Chicken Coop

Antique record and eight track player


Wall decor

Text 704-754-1349

My last nights cry

I cried last night, not because I was lonely, not because I have so many bills that I cannot pay, not because I had a horrible day, but because I found love can be debilitating. Some forms of love can handicap the receivers, love can enable people to not strive and thrive for themselves.

I cried last night because love can get you stuck in a rut on a carrousel, that is hard to get off. I cried because I want to be free, not from love, but from a loves prison created by me! I cried last night because I had to choose between continuing my lovecapade with you, or freely love me. I cried because you threw guilt on me and said it was my love that you never could see. I cried myself to sleep and reality finally hit me! I gave you everything every part of me. I cried until my eyes swelled shut and slept well, and guess what? I dreamed of me letting you grow and face the world alone as I danced through a field of flowers to a very happy song! When I awoke I realized what my subconscious always knew, that loving me doesn’t mean I don’t love you! It just means that we have grown and we must go on our separate ways and soon you realized how cutting cords leads us to stronger wiser better days! I was dependent on you as well because you kept me from being unneeded and in a lonely hell. But, we both will be ok you see because now we can both spread our wings and the love we will still continue to share will be the wind beneath our wings that gives us the power to rise and sail! So this isn’t good bye nor farewell but it is do good in life stay in touch and let us both do well!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Why Good Morning???

Our yesterday is filled with traumas, and our last nights with sorrows. Our tomorrow burst with mournings, as we age we seek them with fear, each day brings memories that we will hold near and dear. Whether we laugh or cry there is still a new dawn nearing! Yet each sunrise that we arise it’s the morning that we are cheering! Good morning? Why Good morning you say? Because bad mourning does nothing but keep us trapped in pain my dear! Good morning my loves to you near or far, because a good morning is better than a bad mourning on your heart!

I love you all very much! Have a wonderful Sabbath day!✍🏾❤️🙏🏾❤️