Emptiness churning in darkness a
voice muffled from the insanity of the whisperers, echoes carried in the
wind of all those who came and went out and in, no one left to stand
by in the end. Twisted emotionally entangled with hearts that eventually mangle it’s victim’s soul,
it’s first to be strangled, spirit quickly quenched not too far behind
flesh is desired to expire it is usless now, no more aiding, rearing, no
romance, longing for a happy outcome without evidence of who
what how or when, sinking deeper into my darkness awaiting some sort
of end, can’t start a new, make new choices can not begin again, pit of
bottomless oblivion how in lonliness can one find energy to move on!

Lonliness the state of my heart.

RahnDah Macheal Rainskin
November 26th 2018 👑

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