I would be tall and strong, wide and bold, holding my arms high and proud. My hair a perfectly freshly pruned green crown.

             Creation itself would stand in awe of my glory, for by reason of hearing my story.

             Seed stamped and trampled into an unsuspecting non desiring ground. Wind tossing uprooting over and over no foundation found.

             One day grabbing with dear life with last breath a pebble found. Soil beside it twinkle toed inbound. 

              I rested it’s not so fertile and kind of shallow but all that’s around. Sleeping in coldness and darkness and finally I’m grounded.

             Spring drew at last and warmth covered the grass, heated sprinkles drizzled down stalks to me. I’m drinking can this be?

             I see day light the sun is looking at me I can see! I’m alive growing free.

            Oh wow people are walking by dancing around and leaning on me. Could this really be the reality? Vegetation or flesh people will still need me.

            I stretch my arms high to the sky, towards all the galaxies_of heavens and infinity, I am part of Gods painting of his very own self and glory.

RahnDah Macheal Rainskin 

November 26th 2018 

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