Missing You

Lonliness seeps in under my door as

my soul sinks into the floor through the mattress of my bed_I

can’t get your smile out my head. I hear your voice calling my

name_and I jump up with excitement only to end in pain_fact is

without you life isn’t the same. You see it was the twinkle in your

eyes that gave me a reason and a season to live again. Now, you’re gone

on, on your way, leaving me behind to sulk and pray_ that your soul will

remind you to return to me and my love soon one day! I’m missing You

and I don’t know what to do. So I will sit by my window wishing on stars

and crying to the full moon, bring my love back to me, I miss him so bad

you see without my Love I can barely breathe.. I am missing you, tell

me my love what shall I do?


December 6th 2018

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