Saturday, December 15, 2018

8:26 AM



7even is a place a mind a mentality an overcoming of one’s own personal power. 7even is a town a man or woman it’s a teenage boy caught up with a fatherless story. It’s a teenage girl hiding family secrets in her fears.

Visiting the town of 7even where the 7even major families rule in the dark shadows of the human psyche as well as their children who rule in principalities of the airways.

These 7even families torture and destroy humanity from its fiber if allowed. The Order of these 7even dark lords are as follows with children:

1. Lust -sexual immortality and perversion)

2. Wrath- vengeance, rage, hate, fury)

3. Gluttony- obesity, heart disease, depression, coveting)

4. Slothfulness- depression, procrastination, turning blind eye)

5. Envy- jealousy, murder, covet, lies rumors and slander)

6. Greed- obsession, overindulgence, theft, and murder)

7. Pride- arrogance, insecurities, narcissistism.)

The people who move to the town of 7even are normal every day people like you and I. They are just as unsuspecting of life as you and I were when we were born into this world upon this earth. We all are born into the town of 7even we are all just unaware until one day a light shines in the darkness and we finally comprehend it’s our way out.

Will God send a savior to seven? Will the towns folk recognize their redemption is at hand? Will the Grim Reaper Lord Death have a field day with the so very many lost souls to reap. Or will he himself call out for God’s mercy?

The story begins shortly…..

RahnDah Mishael Rainkin

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