The Jones Family

It was a beautiful summer day early Saturday morning, Blake Jones pulled up to he and his families new home. The Uhaul was packed to the brim all twenty-five feet of it. He had his wife Marva and his two lovely twin boys Jake and Josh.

The entire family were good looking chaps. Blake was slender to muscular build. He was six feet two, he wore his dark almost black hair similar to a crew cut with a very neatly groomed square goatie. He was on the darker olive skin tone side where Marva was very fair nearly pale white with freckles that gave her tone. She was a deep red redhead with glorious green eyes with sparkling golden flecks of light in them.

The boys Jake took after his mother red head but short and frumpy unlike his dad. Josh was taller as they were fraternal twins. Yes, and Josh was the ladies man amongst the two of them. Jake was the more studious of the two and was mastering science math and chemistry on levels that cause his previous highschool to pay for science camps for him the past two years. Now they are here moving to 7even where they know no one.

Everyone was grateful that the family was together and safe. So if dad got a new job or promotion, they were all prepared to be uprooted and moved on to the next city or state.

But this place was absolutely gorgeous. As they drove up to 1111 Billion Dollar ave. the excitement of the style and condition of the house gave everyone a since of arrival. They had finally got their piece of the pie.

The driveway was long and wide guarded by two large posts attached to a black metal gated fence, which marked the entire perimeters of the grand chateaux. It was in the center of the back road in their development and the marble and slate stone gave proof it was elite amongst the many nice homes in 7even.

All the homes were very large, spacious, and simply gorgeous. Yet, not like the home the Jones’s just bought almost at theft prices. It was a beauty in its own right. There was a wrap around patio porch that formed a semicircle about the back side of the mansion but visible from the front of the home. Every window was bay watching style, except the top floor bedrooms, where those windows actually opened to the boarders personal balcony protected with awnings. The Jones family had a car garage not just a car port.

They moved in eagerly to get settled in to their fresh new life.

Blake has been installed as Supreme Courts Chief Justice for one year now, but the perks of the life is what drove his ambition. He came from a poverished community, with a deadbeat as a dad and a heroine junkie for a mother. Blake basically raised himself and now he has brought he and his family to this point. He had accomplished Alpha Male, and his family’s nobility above their origin was his national anthem.

He never looked back to his home town. Why should he? No one loved him there not his family nor did he have friends. It was best to let dead dogs die. To him that’s what he felt
about all of the inhabitants of his home town.

Blake Jones the perfect mental candidate for GREED to have his his pure sadistic way with


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