IMG_20181110_055238_034.jpgGrowing inside my darkness and in the waters of life within my stomach my womb you were planted. I think and eat healthy to your greatness. Books are now our best friend, music and head phones on my belly. Bach, Shopan, Beethoven, soothe you while you bake in my oven.

Out you pop ready eyes wide open, before I know your feet hit the floor and out the door to your beautiful future we’re hoping.

Smart as a whip out of my life to college and then marriage you dip. I’m proud and sad at the same time because from zero to eighteen you were all mine.

Now your grown and married children are coming and you’re now the mommy or daddy and now I am granny how wonderful are our seeds. I planted apollos watered and God gave you increase.

You are absolutely beautiful to me my babies my future my tomorrow my very own reflection of me.

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