“Outback Steak House” in Salisbury N.C. 28144


My latest visit to the Outback Steak House, Salisbury N.C. went excellent.

Upon arrival I was greeted in a very timely manner. The hostess was polite, well groomed and neatly dressed in uniform.

My server arrived within a 3-5 minute window, although his section was full. I was impressed by how serious he was with making sure I knew he saw me be seated.

My order was taken within a 7-10 minute window, and my drink and bread came out immediately.

I watched my server as he treated myself a single guest as important as a full table. I start my tip rate at 25% and go down to an upside down penny. He was winning his 25% already.

When my main meal arrived he stood by my table and allowed me to cut into my steak, so I was sure it was cooked correct. It was.

My meal was delicious, I am a food fan, so it’s hard to get these tastebuds a jumping. Outback delivers every time. The mashed potatoes were perfectly seasoned and I never need sauce with their steaks, always seasoned well and cooked to perfection!

My server kept my drink full and upsold a delicious brownie dessert to me.

Ah fudge and a glass of water afterwards sealed the deal. I was so pleased with my service and meal I had to tell the manager about how great my service was. He earned his tip and I was full and pleased.

I’m a frequent flyer at Outback now, because the service was so excellent. Do I recommend Outback Steak House in Salisbury N.C.?

100% yes!

RahnDah Macheal Rainskin

December 28th 2018

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