*GREED* & “The Book of “7even”

Saturday, December 15, 2018
3:42 PM unedited


The Jones Family

It was a beautiful summer day early Saturday morning, Blake Jones pulled up to he and his families new home. The Uhaul was packed to the brim all twenty-five square feet of it. He had his wife Marva and his two lovely twin boys Jake and Josh.

The entire family were good looking chaps. Blake was slender to muscular build. He was six feet two, he wore his dark almost black hair similar to a crew cut with a very neatly groomed square goatie. He was on the darker olive skin tone side where Marva was very fair, nearly pale white, with freckles that gave her some tone. She was a deep red redhead with glorious green eyes with sparkling golden flecks of light in them.

The boys Jake took after his mother red head but short and frumpy, unlike his athletic dad. Josh was taller as they were fraternal twins. Yes, and Josh was the ladies man amongst the two of them. Jake was the more studious of the two and was mastering science math and chemistry on levels that cause his previous highschool to pay for science camps for him the past two years. Now they are here moving to 7even where they know no one.

Everyone was grateful that the family was together and safe. So if dad got a new job or promotion, they were all prepared to be uprooted and moved on to the next city or state.

But this place was absolutely gorgeous. As they drove up to 1111 Billion Dollar ave. the excitement of the style and condition of the house gave everyone a since of arrival. They had finally got their piece of the pie.

The driveway was long and wide guarded by two large black posts attached to a black metal gated fence, which marked the entire perimeters of the grand chateaux. It was in the center of the back road in their development and the marble and slate stone gave proof it was elite amongst the many nice homes in 7even.

All the homes were very large, spacious, and simply gorgeous. Yet, not like the home the Jones’s just bought almost at theft prices. It was a beauty in its own right. There was a wrap around patio porch that formed a semicircle about the back side of the mansion but visible from the front of the home. Every window was bay watching style, except the top floor bedrooms, where those windows actually opened to the boarders personal balcony protected with awnings. The Jones family had a car garage not just a car port.

They moved in eagerly to get settled in to their fresh new life.

Blake has been installed as Supreme Courts Chief Justice for one year now, but the perks of the life is what drove his ambition. He came from a poverished community, with a deadbeat as a dad and a heroine junkie for a mother. Blake basically raised himself and now he has brought he and his family to this point. He had accomplished Alpha Male and his family’s nobility above their origin was his national anthem.

He never looked back to his home town. Why should he? No one loved him there not his family nor did he have friends. It was best to let dead dogs die. To him that’s what he felt about all of the inhabitants of his home town.

The new town seemed quiet enough. There were beautiful green spaces all over 7even. The town was a small piece of heaven for the Jones family.

Marva was a home maker and an excellent wife and mother. She home schooled the boys, she was an excellent teacher and cook. Marva was God fearing and godly. Blake believed in himself and his own strength. He taught the boys this, although Marva always counteracted him with the truth of God each time. She was very much tunnel visioned when it came to her son’s souls.

Blake starts work next week, so everyone spent the free week unpacking, organizing, and mapping out the town for stores, movie theaters and shopping centers and such. He had the world in the palm of his hand and he believed it was truly his oyster.

Blake walked into the kitchen to find his lovely wife cooking his favorite meal, broccoli florets, rice and gravy with cube steak and a tossed salad with garlic bread. He hugged her from behind and said, ” Hi honey it smells as wonderful as you look.” Marva turned to him, looked him in the eyes, this was her hero for sure. She was with him when he lived in abandoned buildings and houses. He never asked her to leave the comforts of her family’s home to join him in his misery. He just asked that she trust he would get out of there and to stand by him, and she did.

She said, “Blake, I love you, you’re too kind to me. I am the most blessed woman on earth to have such an honorable upstanding man such as yourself. You came from the bottom litterally and look where you’ve brought our entire family to. You are my hero and don’t you ever forget that. You’re the best husband to me and greatest father ever to the boys. We love, cherish, and adore you.” He blushed just a little, kissed her on her collar bone, spinned her around gave a quick pat on her buttocks, then said, ” I’m setting my man cave up, call me when dinners ready.”

Time went by fast, before they new it, it was Monday morning and Blake’s first day of work. He was the man as soon as he walked the thirty three stairs that lead up to this auspicious building and enter the doors. They were expecting him. He was the talk of 7even. No one this powerful and important ever lived amongst them. So much of the chatter and excitement in the building were neighbors he had not met yet who came to see him in person.

Blake never felt so important ever in his entire life. He felt important to his family always, but to regular Joe’s he felt they could see his shame from being once a vagabond. Not, today he sucked in all the praises and well wishes as well as gifts of appreciation he had not quite earned yet.

He was an absolute just judge who believed in people, and the spirit of forgiveness, but if he decided against you there was no appeal because all honored his integrity especially court case watchers, they loved watching him in action every chance they could. The boy was good at what he does. God must have anointed him with the spirit of wisdom and righteous judgement.

After a year or so of sitting in the highest seat in judicial law, he had made some pretty wealthy powerful people as friends. More wealthy and more powerful than he, were his new found friends. He ate dinner with the United States President and played golf with the Prince of England, as well as observed mass with the Pope. At this point he was assured he had arrived and his parents were no more a thought on his mind, just like his home town he erased them from his conscious world.

One day a short gentleman around five foot two inches tall, reddish skin, dark haired, thick mustached and a little ruddy, walked into his chambers unannounced and unaccompanied by a deputy.

He stood up quickly as this caught him off guard. ” Sir, are you lost?” he asked. “No sir, I am not,” the hispanic accented man responded. ” I came to see you about a three point five million dollar problem I have.” Blake responded, ” what would be the problem of such a fine?” Blake was astounded by such an astronomical price for a fee. The man said, ” My daughter is home now, but facing a double homicide and it has been referred up to your court because of how heinous the crime was.” Blake shifted in his seat, ” that’s a heck of a bond” he thought, but only if she flees should her father be worried. ” Sir, so why are you here in my chambers, you posted that bond to get her out now what do you want of me?”

The man let’s just call him Alejandro, said, ” That’s not her bail. That’s your payment for over turning the other judge and finding her not guilty. Her ex-husband that bastard s.o.b. cheated on her and abused her, beat her baby out of her and was caught in sex when she killed the both people. That is a crime of passion. They said because she had left the home for weeks before this day that she planned to return once she knew he had moved on, therefore catching him in the act and committing premeditated murder.”

Blake asked the man for every detail of the case. So, when Alejandro’s daughter’s case did come before him, he knew exactly how to handle it. He did dismiss all the charges against the young lady and set her free, while three point five million dollars was instantly transferred into his personal bank account. He was floored when he left the bench and checked his account balance.

He almost fainted. He had never seen that much money in his life and may never earn that much in a life time as a servant to the public.

That night he told Marva of his miracle. She was very disturbed by her husbands decision to take a bribe. ” Blake, you’re going to give that back. That’s bribery and you just jumped into a peranas pool and they will eat you alive if you don’t back out now.”

“Marva just let me handle what I must handle. You just keep this house and the boys up and I will make sure we are never in lack.” Blake said as he kissed her on the cheek and went on into his man cave to make calls to some of his new found colleagues.

That night Blake Jones had a dream, or was it a vision? While he was in dream state a small little grey man came to him he seemed to be in the right spirit enough. ” Blake you deserve this money. Don’t let your wife ruine this for you. Keep your eye on her she may betray you. You were dirt poor she should be grateful you have found your way. She benefits from it as well. Keep her away from all of your doings. We must protect ourselves,” whispered GREED into his ear as he slept and drempt of all the beautiful material gains he was now acquiring. He could buy and pay for a small island if he desired why wouldn’t his wife want this for them after all he had suffered in life. He tossed and turned all night long. He woke up with his mind made up. He would continue to rule his home as he pleased. Marva just better enjoy her free ride and stay out of his way and keep her mouth.

There was so much going on with the boys now, they were not aware of how well off they had become, nor did they have a clue of where the money came from. Jake was being awarded as always for a math or science projects. Josh has his football and the best looking cheerleader was his new girlfriend the boys were living their best life. It didn’t take long before they fit in and found their sweet spot in their new town and school sytem.

Marva was home making and praying. She went to the local prayer meeting that went on in the community she lived in. Every Tuesday evening seven pm til eight o’clock pm. She always had dinner prepared for the men folk in her home.

Blake said, she was in a cult jokingly. He seemed to truly believe it in his heart. Although he joked about it he worried she was being brainwashed by the local bible thumpers. He secretly hoped she would just keep all of her new exciting finds to herself. She was always talking to him about reaping what you sow. He did not like her talking to him about this voodoo mojo stuff these bible toting ocultists taught her.

As time went by Blake accepted more bribes and got his hands padded more and more at the expense of spilled innocent blood. He was just connected with a Cuban drug Lord El Delrodo. Now, he was well over his head now, and had no clue, how much of a slave he just became.

The Jones’s were very popular in their community in 7even. Neighbors were always gifting them and keeping an eye out for ways to get close to the family. They threw the best parties and dinners as well as barbeques. Everyone wanted to be one of the VIP on the Jones’s guest list.

One evening on a Friday, during one of their gatherings, the telephone rang. It was for Blake. One of ElDorodo’ s underlings was on the line. “Blake you gotta get to the cathedral over by the court house. You must come alone and make sure you are not followed.” Blake could not get a word out before the phone line went dead.

Marva noticed the flushed look that came over her husbands face. “What could it be.” She wondered. She approached him with love in her eyes and a prayer in her heart. She felt the negative vibe in the air. ” Blake is everything ok?” “Marva tend to the party, I will be back shortly.” He kissed her and grabbed his key and jacket then proceeded to the cathedral over by the court house.

The cathedral was lit up like a Christmas tree. That’s odd for a mobster to want to meet here but oh well, he went on inside. As he passed through the vestibule a tall darker skinned Hispanic man walked up to him quickly patted him down. Then he grabbed Blake’s arm like he was a criminal and lead him to the basement where El Dorado was waiting sitting at a huge oval oak table. He looked very perplexed.

” My ship was held up, the FBI and secret service had nothing to do with the hold up. It was the petty local police. What I need is to get my ship back and have any charges against my crew redirected to whoever you choose, and I want all but ten percent of my product back you can do with that what you please. If you get me,” he said to Blake and gave a wink.

” I’m no drug Lord,” said Blake. You can find someone else to help you with this. Plus I wouldn’t know what to do or where to begin.”

” Blake Jones, I don’t care what you are talking about. You are a man of powerful influence and I am a war and drug Lord. We both have insurmountable power and influence. You need to use your power and to never forget about mine.” El Dorado stood up walked over to Blake and handed him a manilla envelope. He pat Blake on the chest with the packet. This is addition to your ten percent if my product that you may do with what you will.

Get me my ship, and my boys you keep the money, drugs, and your life my boy.” He pat him open handed on the left side of his face twice like he was an elder of Blakes.

Blake wasn’t sure if he was to be afraid angry or excited about so much more money. But, how does he get rid of the drugs. He was no drug dealer or user.

He would never mention one word of this to Marva like his dream warned him prior to today, she might betray him if she had too much information. Plus, she was bible thumping now, so that kept her busy enough and out of his way and ear.

About a month later Blake came up missing and no one from the Court House knew where he went after he left work that evening.

He had a very secretive way of life now. Marva called his cell over and over. He had his phone turned off. She could tell because the phone went directly to voice mail every time she called. Her nerves were shot. He was never late for dinner and he was now five hours late. It was ten-thirty pm and well after their bed time.

Officers told her they could do nothing until he had been missing at least twenty-four hours. She was sick to think about him not making it back home safely to her and the boys. Marva was in panic mode and she just could not contain herself. She blurted out,”all of this God forsaken bribery and blackmailing.” The officer closest to her said, “ma’am I heared you, you better be quiet and watch your back. Those folk in those places will have you moved. Don’t accuse your husband of things you aren’t sure of nor can you prove.”

Marva got chills while he spoke, not from his words, but from the look in his eyes. They were so cold and still it gave her a death chill, that made her shutter right down to her bones.

Around twelve o’clock Blake came to join Marva in bed. She seemed to be already asleep. He didn’t try to bother her. He kissed her forehead and headed to the shower. Marva was wide awake she felt just a little nervous about her husbands new behaviors. She didn’t know what she should do. She laid there quietly listening to the shower and eventually did fall completely asleep and dreamed of him hanging in his chambers by a huge red roped cord.

The next morning she was without words as she prepared breakfast for her three men. They were all about to head out into the world today. She felt like everything in her world was teetering and she was the only one who was aware. As she was fixing everyone’s lunch for the day, she hummed an old gospel song. ” I know Jesus will fix it.” But, there’s been so very many years of the name of Jesus not being spoken aloud into the atmosphere of the Jones’s home.

Blake seemed to be irritated. He grabbed his lunch kissed Marva on the cheek and went on out the door telling the boys to have a great day. He looked at his family and smiled. He was winning and no one was able to stop him.

Blake’s cell phone began to ring as he drove on to work. He answered to a very heavy German accented fellow.

” Blake?” The voice said on the other end. “Blake Jones?” The voice asked once more. “Yes, this is he,” responded Blake. “To whom am I speaking?””I am Von, Von Vladimir Lenin. I am with the national federal bonding association. NFBA. We have been informed of suspicious behaviors and heinous acts from your bench and chambers.”

“What?” Blake responded as clueless as an innocent victim being put on trial. “Sir,” Von went on. “We are alerting you because of your prestige, instead of bumb rushing you, we would like for you to come to us. There will be an escort waiting for you once you get to the court house. They will be suited in black, with black shades on.”

Blake begin to panic, what could they know. All mouths that could be against him and his circle of shady business associates were sleeping in cement or with the fishes. “What do they know, what proof do they have?”

A small voice came into his mind like a memory, “Blake get out of this fast” it was Marva’s words but, the voice wasn’t her voice. “Yeah, she’s been talking to neighbors and church members trying to get advice on what she should do about your new found winnings that make her feel awful,” said Deciet.

Immediately veangence swooped down into his other ear. ” Get rid of her big mouth, she doesn’t love you, she’s not backing you, she hasn’t slept with you since you started really building this families real future up. She is not a team player. Find a younger prettier woman who will enjoy the luxuries you’re providing.”

“She must go tonight set it up quickly and get it done. Send her out for take out and have her done away from home, so it doesn’t lead back to you. Have someone clean this investigation up. You’ve got the money to make it all go away.”

That night Blake sent the boys out to the movies and dinner with the lady of their choice all expenses paid by him. They were so excited dates and they didn’t have to spend a dime. They dare not question it nor second guess it this was all around a win win situation.

Getting Marva to leave was harder than he thought. He could not think of how to send her for takeout as she had like always prepared their dinner. He wanted to tell her he needed something from the store but he feared she’d know better.

Marva walked into the man cave where he sat there studying and plotting her death. He asked as she approached, ” So who all have you told that your husband is a money launderer?” ” What did you say to me Blake Jones?” She asked as if startled and disturbed. ” I don’t talk about your little petty job to anyone. You were my king once and now a total disgrace and I am ashamed of you and your work and moral compass. You don’t ever have to worry about me telling your wicked secrets. I really just want a divorce and to be free of you and the debt of death you’re bringing upon our entire family and bloodline.”

Before he knew it he hit her over the head with a paper weight he had been holding in his hand the entire time he was trying to work out how to get her to leave. “That’s right,” said rage. ” Hit her again, she’s not dead. If she lives she will tell eveything.” Blake struck her about the top and back of her head three to four more times until he heared the death rattle, she gave up her last breath.

Blake checked for a pulse, she was dead alright. Fear came in and spoke up. ” We need to get rid of the corpse. Wrap her up in the rug before the blood starts to saturate it and stain the floor. Now evidence can be left behind.” He began to roll her up when a banging came to the front door.

He went to answer the door it was the police. ” Your Honor, we know your in there. Come out with your hands in the air Blake Jones, NOW! The voice yelled.
We got a call from one of your neighbors, they said they could see you hitting your wife in the head with an object and she fell. Let us in, let us see your wife, come out Blake.”

He was now in full panic mode. “OH God what have I done?” He ran upstairs into his closet where he found an old three roped cord that his mom told him was the cord of his heritage and as long as he had it the Jones favor from God would always be on his life and cover him from all harm. He took a side table from the bed into the closet and stood atop it. He hooped the cord over the hook he hung up for whatever reason. Now, he would use it to escape this place. He wrapped the loop around his neck. The officers were in his home yelling and searching. He kicked the table from beneath him and in less than three minutes, total darkness welcomed him.

Lord Death was there when he opened his eyes. He wasn’t grinning the Grim Reaper grin, no he looked hungry and Blake’s soul looked like a snack. “No, no, noooo, yelled Blake but it was much too late. The self hanging brimming his fate and there was no returns on these purchases. Grim licked his lips and the thought of Blake’s existence was no more. He was good and dead and gone thanks to Greed and his children. Evil had triumphed over good.

It wasn’t long before Jacob and his twin brother Joshua were pulling into the main gates of their sweet little community 7even. Turning down the road that lead around to their home is when they noticed all the emergency lights lighting up the entire back road. They proceeded forward with caution only to be blocked from their home by so many service vehicles and neighbors all out in the road just standing around. They were looking toward the boys house.

Jake panicked and jumped out of the vehicle. Josh followed him. The run to the house seemed like eternity. There was yellow tape sectioning off their entire property line enclosing the home. Jake started under the caution tape as an officer stopped him, Josh yelled “this is our house, our parents are in there, get out the way.”

The officer bear hugged both boys at once. He said, “Guys there has been a terrible accident. We can not let you proceed.”

Josh began to go into a rageous fit ” let me go, let me go, where’s my mother, where’s she at, where’s my mom?” He cried out so hard the EMT told the officer to please allow the boy to approach. As Josh approached the back of the ambulance he saw the black satin sheet covering a body. ” It’s not mom,” he said and refused to go any closer than ten feet of this false dream he was in. The officer grabbed his arm just as he felt weak in his knees and buckled to the ground.

Jake walked on past him directly to the body, he pulled the sheet back to see his mom’s disfigured face. Blood pools and knots covered her head and face. ” Mommy,” he squealed. “Where’s my dad, where’s my dad? He is going to have a fit, my dad is going to die, she was his everything.” He ran toward the house yelling “Dad, daddy, dad, it’s mommy, where are you dad? Mom’s hurt really bad, daddy?”

There were officers by the stairway and all upstairs. He ran up the stairs just as Josh was joining him, they saw the firemen cutting his father down from the ceiling and a thud that shook both boys to their knees. They howled, Josh ran down the stairs, he began to vomit he couldn’t contain the trauma. He screamed up to the sky, ” what happened God, tell me what happened. Help me understand. God, what happened?” He bawled and yelled at the sky, punching at the air as to be boxing an invisible force.

Jake simply walked out onto the front porch and sat in the middle of the first step. He had a look on his face of a man who had exited his body and was no more good. Jake was frozen with a soulless blank blunt efface. He was thrown way aback. “What could have happened here, and why? Is this what his dad planned to do when he sent them to the movies? Mom, never cheated she was a wonderful wife and mother. What, what happened?” His mind blocked him in and no one could get in there with him. He sat as the workers cleared the home of his parents bodies and collected evidence. He was frozen in time and could not break himself free.

Eventually the funerals were behind them. There was a knock on the door. Josh opened the door. There was a very tall being standing there nor male or female just a being. It entered the home asking for Jake’s attention as well. Neither twin felt fear or awkward for some reason or another.

The being spoke you”I am Manakel, I am from the order of Gabriel who presides directly under our Father/mother creator God Ahhyah Eshu! I’m sent to set things aright with you. I’m here to tell you a story of a spirit name GREED. He and his minions over took your dad in his weakness for wealth, power, and authority. You see your dad practically raised himself, and was very poor barely having enough food in his body to keep alive. It was his strong will and shear determination to survive and surpass his poverished beginning that made him become very studious and eventually attaining the highest judicial state on a local level.

Your dad was driven by GREED and fear to cause us all to end up where we are now. I’m come to do three things. Help you understand and forgive your dad and the events that took both your parents from you. Two, to warning you of protecting your gates you have six, your eyes should not be allowed to watch any and everything that comes out on the tv or movie screens. Your ear gates, cater what you listen to to what you want your spirit to recieve. The mouth gate, only speak that which is truth and of good faith and cheer. Those hands and your body are your touch gates, don’t touch or be touched by that which can defile your judgement and make you weak to sin. Your nose gate and it is subtle, sweet smells that remind you of good times or certain people, can lead you toward seduction and destruction, and the last gate the ethereal gate, it is the hardest to protect as it is left unguarded every time you are asleep, allowing subliminal messages to seep into your subconscious mind. Try prayer and meditation on what is good, what is true and what is holy. Ask your angels to guard and protect you while you sleep and always thank God for allowing this protection before you fall asleep and all will be well.

Boy’s know that God is alive and well. He is love and has provided that you should never work or toil a day in your lives thanks to the love that drove your dad to work his behind off. Your dad loved you both to pieces and he adored your mother.

The man that destroyed this home was not your dad, but an avatar for the wicked one and his evil children. Never let yourselves, get too hungry, too lonely, too sad or bored before you start talking to your angels and God and you will be just fine.”

It has to have been an angel that spoke with them, because as soon as the speaking ended he vanished into thin air unlike when he knocked on the door to get in. In the midst of the talk both boys hearts and minds were healed and put at ease. They would forever remember to protect all six of 7even’s gates from this day forward.

RahnDah Mishael Rainkin
University of Life M.D.

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