Welcome Holy Spirit

I always was told of you and taught that you alone are true;

so I sought you out from a very young age, not fully understanding

the range or grip of your guage.

I was told that you would lead me and guide me into all understanding;

that you would keep me from stumbling.

Yet, hell was my birthright so accepted and warred at life screaming at the

sun and ruining my flesh with hurt in my soul from my own bumbling;

willfully and carelessly blaming you for your absence, because whats

happening to me I cant accept is direct result of my own chosen stance

responding to my lifes circumstance.

Oh but once I realized the light that was truly in my darkness inside then;

is when I realized the power of the Holy Spirit was always alive!

You see you were there when I thought I was alone and did not matter to

anyone. You constantly reminded me of Gods only son. How if I trust in

his life, truth, and His way, the sun shall shine for me one day!

So, even now, you comfort and you keep me. You keep me from running;

astray you bring me patience when I feel life is on delay.

You enrapture me with warm waves of love, when I feel alone and like

giving up.

Whispers in the air remind me that the love of God is always near, Oh it’s

magical and magnificent to know, the secret place is the Holy Ghost!

Welcome Holy Spirit; You are welcome here!

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