Wrath Has Crept His Way Into The Gates of #7even [Meet the Phillips]


Saturday, January 5, 2019
7:42 PM



“Wow, look at the beautiful enormous trees.” Robbie said, as his Dad Robert Phillips turned into their driveway at 1515 Crabapple st. in 7even. ” Yes they are very verdant and lusciously green,” responded Rhonda.

The house was a creamy tan colored vinyl siding and olive green window trimmings. The roof is olive green made of tin.The front porch was broad and enclosed by a brick wall structure that’s waist high with cement slab tops.
It’s a one story twenty thousand square foot, five bedroom, three baths and fire places. This was ideal for the triple R’s new home.

Rhonda dressed the home in all the seasons of the year. Her kitchen was warm but fall exciting. The Living room, Summer colors and alive and thriving, she dressed her bedroom in dream like surroundings that allowed awakening to pleasant emotions.

The two men in the house always knew to get on out of her way and do what they want with their private spaces. Robert Phillips had dreamed of this type of space his whole life. His parents did pretty well, but they had seven children and he was a twin, so he always shared a bedroom. Now he had his own man cave. He put pictures up of Bruce Lee, Super Man, Black Panther, and the Dallas Cowboys original starting line-up. He hung a street sign from his old neighborhood right over the entry way of the door.

He mounted a seventy-two inch screen t.v. on the wall opposite of the nurf basketball goal. He built his own room of joy especially with all his game consoles and movie selections as well as all of his favorite music on disk. The only reason to leave his home is to golf and bowl, because the pool table was in the basement. “Yeah, life’s going to work out after all.” He thought to himself.

Robbie was a nine year old boy genius. He was solving numerical problems at age three, that first startled his parents almost to fear.

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