Hidden Treasure in The Pale Moon Light

Standing by this cold window in the dark of night, staring out the glared glass searching for a star to wish upon, and I am engulfed by the pale moon light.

Enraptured by fantasies of you and I dancing, singing, prancing, holding hands tightly as we dance from land to land, cloud to cloud, star to star you see, these dreams delight my heart.

I smile thinking on how quirky you must think I look dancing with my curse to own a second left foot. You kissed my forehead and my neck, you dipped me down and I almost drowned in your fragrance and presence, then you brought me up again into your loving arms it’s like heaven.

Then a loud horn drowns out my fantasies, the three am train on schedule, yet out of sync with my dream and pleasure crashed it before our fated kiss before finding our loves treasure.

Rhonda Michelle Rankin

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