Orlando and Michelle


Dear sweet love of my life I have awaited your arrival seems to be eons and throughout the galaxies my soul only desires thee, you run knowing it is truth, yet you like to hunt, you get a thrill out of the pursuit. Yet by origination that’s not the creation story of our design God brought me to you not the other way around that’s not even Biblically sound! You see century after century, age after age, we have danced this old dance of time and space which we must now choose to erase, together we’ve never been clever enough in any life time to know that our destiny is ordered by the Devine your blessing is sure and true,but my prayers are its rocket fuel, you and I were always meant to be, and soon generations will be complete as you and I meet up as one and take our rightful seats. Our Royalty and destiny can not work properly unless it’s you and me! I love you dear sweet love you must soon see the universe is counting on you and me! So we both can quickly be free to run and jump from star to star holding hands together at last to never part!✍🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️👑👑

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