“The Book of 7even” chapter 4 “Sloth”

Chapter 4 “Sloth”

Meet The Millers

“Arize and Shine everyone it’s Miller time,” Wade Miller yawned out to his family as they had come in to their new home without unpacking one thing from the moving truck.

Wade was a very tall heavy man. Dark brown skin tone with a very broad nose and thick wide lips. He was brown eyed and very hairy, but very neatly groomed. His wife Mary was a short frumpy woman, lighter brown skin toned, around five foot two inches, she was about two hundred pounds, slighting her six foot tall husband by one hundred pounds both were extremely obese.

They only had one son Dewayne, at fourteen Dewayne was five foot nine, nearly three hundred pounds and was still growing!

The family got up slowly, everyone seemingly drained from the ride. They had moved from about seven hundred miles, to take this beautiful opportunity to own property in 7even. They were in a very nice four bedroom two story home with three full bathrooms.

The house was 333 Rabbit trail rd. The home was a beautiful red brick and white stone home with a full built in front porch! The back porch was the very same, but much wider, for indoor gardening!

The yard was huge and wonderfully manicured. There were Japanese Ferns, one on each side of the stairway leading to the front door! Crape Myrtles trimmed the perimeter of their two and a half acre corner plot of land.

Wade Miller was an in home Insurance Marketer and online leader of all competitors! Wade earned his home office position. He worked hard for many years going door to door selling insurance to any and everyone who would give him three minutes in their ear!

There was a saying floating around about Wade, “He could sale water to a whale!” Had you ever met Wade Miller; he’d already have a policy with your name on it! It was just that simple. The boy could make you see why saying no was not a great option. He made eighty-five percent sales of all his visits. Yes, indeed he earned the right to work from home!

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