China Buffet Salisbury North Carolina 4-5⭐️

“All you can eat”, is a great seducer! But, what if I am vegan, or vegetarian? Will the food be just as tasty and will I get variety? At China Buffet, the answer is absolutely!

Succulent green beans, deliciously tossed Lo mein noodles and freshly sautéed vegetables, nice flaky veggies rolls, juicy moist sautéed mushrooms, had my taste buds a jumping and my body a rockin! I had melons, honey dew, and cantaloupe for dessert, which were freshly cut to perfect bite sized portions, pineapple and a small square of tiramisu to finish it off! Absolutely Magnificent!

The server was excellent, her timing was impeccable and her charisma magnetic! Her flow and energy assisted with all the glorious tasting foods, and makes you want to always come again!

I give them a four star rating only because it is a self serving restaurant! If it were not so they would be a five hands down!

Go get your belly full in a well lit welcoming ambiance of China Buffet bliss! I did, and you should too!

China Buffet

Salisbury, N. C.

Off exit 76 hwy 85

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