“7even’s” chapter 3 Lust

“7even’s book of Lust is nearly complete! I am nearing the end of Lust and I have completed the most difficult task God has placed before me! I’m believe “7even” may be a trilogy as chapter three has taken us well over 15k words with about a 1,500 words or more to go!

I’m no predator but, I’m fully aware of the demons who can turn you mad!

My prayer for Lust is not to turn you off nor to turn you into a predator, but to show you a way to find mercy for the human who is under this kind is control. I’m not telling you it is ok, nor am I saying allow such behaviors! What I am writing to you for is for you to find peace and forgiveness so you can heal!

If you can perceive the frailty of the human and the strength of the demons, you can understand how powerful spiritual attacks on a person who does not practice protecting their spiritual gates can be!

I’m a survivor of the book of lust and I have forgiven my father for the molestation of myself and my step siblings! I’m able to forgive him for committing suicide, because I understand that it was not him that was harming me, but his past abuse and the spiritual forces that were attached to him in his drunken weak state of consciousness!

I’m praying once you step into the body of a demonically controlled mind, you will see them through the eyes of God and as a fallen human and not as the devil himself. The mission is to help you forgive the person and find your own healing, with understanding it could be anyone of us under control of outside energies if we refuse to learn to protect our gates!

We must watch as well as pray that we don’t fall victim to the wiles of the flesh devil, given ourselves over to that which is unseemly and wretched to our souls!

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7even’s Book of Lust

Lust initially was to be chapter two. Yet, when I started writing what I was hearing and saw it on paper my heart almost failed me.

I was reliving the dreadful day between myself and my father. God allowed me to hear the battle my dad went through mentally and spiritually while he molested me. I do understand why dad committed suicide now! I also after my notes realized by writing 7even I was being delivered, and I pray the same healing to my readers.

7even will have to be purchased by the reader to have access to Lust and Sloth. These two Chapters come with graphic details and descriptions of how frail humanity really is, and why bringing God’s love and light to illuminate the hearts of men/women again is most important. We are in a world filled with woes and troubles.

I am here to help you understand more clearly the spiritual battle we are up against and quite possibly help you avoid most of the pitfalls I fell in so you don’t have to.

I was wrote off as a product of the streets although my soul is royalty, every statistic they placed on me I supersede and am pushing to really tare the barriers of division down that play on race and hierarchy.

I’m come to level the playing field, all people can have a bad space in life. Their recovery depends on their faith and the people, places, and things they surround themselves with. What they are allowing to get into and grow in their minds, heart, and spirit, 3 total forgotten gates.

My prayer is to relay a clear and concise message of what life without God is like, what life in God without protecting your gates is like, and what diligently guarding your gates, building your Spirit and faith would be like if you choose to change roads you’re walking on.

The purpose of 7even is to bless folk and comfort them while telling and interesting story that should keep the reader interested long enough to get the message.

All my love

RahnDah Macheal Rainskin

University of Universal Life


Everyone has access to know I committed 2nd degree arson! But nobody gets to know I barricaded myself in my own apartment and sat it own fire in an attempt to free myself from past traumas since clinical and street drugs couldn’t numb my pain anymore??? Why weren’t my childhood records and previous attempts and diagnosis taken into consideration? Because juvenile records are sealed and public defenders don’t make enough money to invest themselves in saving a persons life and future legacy! That’s why plus the fact she’s black and a ward of the state she’ll be a life long criminal anyway! Ha the statistics were wrong all around when it came to me! I’ve proved myself where is justice for me Superman?
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