My am prayer

Oh most holy righteous creator of all things I come to you this morning because your children live in fear and our hearts are faint, our faith is weak.

Yes, Lord we have believed in your word and we have lived by your principles and yet our grievances have reached beyond limits that faith and our own actions can tackle!

I am begging your ear oh Lord because our enemies are many and our illnesses are great, it is no better for us than those that live not in our faith.

We know the time that we are in and perilous is the time we live in today! Yet, we cling even stronger than ever to our faith in you oh Tsedkanu our healer and Tseboate our warrior and avenger!

I’m crying out on behalf of us your children who still believe in your greatness and majesty, stand up for us Oh beautiful and terrible one in this day of evil. Wage war against our enemies who are great, strong and many, heal our infirmities and anoint our heads with your precious holy oil.

I beseech you Oh Lord show those who doubt you are with us that you are ever present with those who love and trust you and wait upon your mercy and grace. Pour more of your own Spirit upon us strengthen and guird up our loins show us the table you promised to prepare in the presence of our enemies and guide us to safety us who have known your name in good or bad times. Those of us who trust in you and show kindness to others even during times of our faith being challenged!

Make our faces shine amongst men and raise us up so we are safe, give us our daily bread and glory to us that have known your name in our storms and tribulations, let us not go to the grave not knowing your miraculous power for ourselves!

I give you Glory and Honor amongst the living for you are The I Am let me not be put to shame for my faith and love for you in Yeshiu’s Holy name I pray amen!

7even’s Book of Envy

img_1396Denanda, is a wicked mother who conjured up deities while pregnant with her daughter Michelle!

Upon Michelle’s birth Denanda realizes the child is born with extraordinary powerful gifts from God, archangel type powers!

These powers were coveted by Denanda, she did all the work to have these gifts, so why did they go into her child?

Denanda secretly tried to kill the child from age eight months until the woman was grown, believing if the child died she could recover the power for herself, but forces unknown to Denanda protected the child and people Denanda loved either were harmed or died in the child’s place!

This infuriated Denanda and she worked fearlessly to have the girl murdered by even lying to people promising a payoff from a life insurance policy, that she herself knew would never pay off.

Her daughter had way too many preexisting conditions for any insurance company to touch her! So Denanda was lying to people knowing they would go to prison for murder and she could get away with trying the spell she cast many year ago again!

She wanted this power so much she wagered her life with the soul collector and the pay day was due! Yet, like always someone else would die!

This time it must be paid and there was no grace period for the child had grown into full power and was very much aware of what Denanda had been doing to her, her entire life.

Grim hated getting involved in such horrific nonsense but, Denanda deserved every single thing that was happening to her during the events that lead up to her July seventh death.

Mercy Oh God

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord AhyYah Almighty, I come to you as humble as I know how; reverencing your great and terrible mighty hand, with great fear and trembling oh Lord Tseboate.

The earth has truly waxed worse than in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, it is true. Lord of Hosts we your children see the error of our ways and we repent for our sins against you and our very own souls! We desire your pleasure in us your children! With our lives we make manifest the power of your mighty hand O God!

You are our provider, you are our doctor, you are our mother you are our father. We know none before you and none to come after you! You are our tsidkanu and there shall never be another for you are God alone!

Lord AhyYah Eshu we see the ways of this world has waxed worse and to a condition of no return. Tears fall from our eyes as we see your word coming more and more true!

We beg of you have mercy on our house and all who are camped within!

We ask you to have mercy on our seeds and their seeds!

We ask you continued hedge of protection around our children as we name them one by one!

We ask you for global coverage for us your children! We ask that you fail not the heart of us that do love you and have placed our total faith in your hands!

Lord we send out a clarion call to awake all those your children who still are in slumber we ask that your mercy be extended for the hand of those who are weak yet still reaching up for help!

Lord we thank you for your loving guidance and protection in such a time as this. We have never witnessed the woes we witness today and we cry mercy mercy mercy to you oh great breasted one!

Thank you for all that you are. Thank you for your love, your grace and your mercy!

We leave with Holy Holy Holy are you Lord God Almighty we ask all things in Yeshiu’s precious name! The Amen!✍🏾🙏🏾

China Buffet Salisbury North Carolina 4-5⭐️

“All you can eat”, is a great seducer! But, what if I am vegan, or vegetarian? Will the food be just as tasty and will I get variety? At China Buffet, the answer is absolutely!

Succulent green beans, deliciously tossed Lo mein noodles and freshly sautéed vegetables, nice flaky veggies rolls, juicy moist sautéed mushrooms, had my taste buds a jumping and my body a rockin! I had melons, honey dew, and cantaloupe for dessert, which were freshly cut to perfect bite sized portions, pineapple and a small square of tiramisu to finish it off! Absolutely Magnificent!

The server was excellent, her timing was impeccable and her charisma magnetic! Her flow and energy assisted with all the glorious tasting foods, and makes you want to always come again!

I give them a four star rating only because it is a self serving restaurant! If it were not so they would be a five hands down!

Go get your belly full in a well lit welcoming ambiance of China Buffet bliss! I did, and you should too!

China Buffet

Salisbury, N. C.

Off exit 76 hwy 85