Telepathy and Clairvoyance makes having lasting relationships difficult

The ground has a voice as does the wind the animals communicate if you listen within; my dreams prophesy things that turn true my ears hear the inner voices of all of you! I’m always breathing and taking information in, it’s very hard to live in my skin! Death at 8months 9 years old and again at 24 and 26! So, no death and I,

we have no qualm I’m here to give a true story of a real healing balm. My voice isn’t as loud as it could be should be, but I’m without finance which limits my chance. I’ve volunteered feeding the homeless for years and my step team brung out many smiles and cheers my tutoring spands from age 11 til now at my 44 years, all of my children graduate with honors proves I know what to do, but if you only knew how information stores downloads to me you wouldn’t want me around you, so because of my gifts and abilities it’s a very lonely world being me! Mind reading isn’t what I choose but a snake is a snake even if I tell you about you and what you will do you may not think I’m right at first but it’s always ends up truth! Now, let’s be honest it’s not that I can’t get along with you it’s just what I am going through you couldn’t ever understand how to be or what to do, just be real, honest, and true to you. Don’t worry about how I am seeing you that’s how and why my relationships always fall through its hard to date someone who can always read you!

Women’s Rights


Title “Man Don’t Be Tripping I Love You!

Now listen brother let me get this off my chest, we’ll go with your biblical history and forget about the rest.

You were made from the ground like the other beast of the field and God’s breath! I came from your rib; you know already “living flesh” so skip me with this equal or less because when God made the woman He used nothing but the best!

Don’t tell me you’re in charge of anything if you don’t seek your own personal greatness or even if you do and you’re a millionaire if the God inside you doesn’t reign supreme; follow you? I wouldn’t dare!

Man don’t be tripping I love you! I just ain’t with the withering away and feeling blue! I’m a superstar baby just like you!

Shining bright as I can shouldn’t offend you. In actuality I think you should shine brighter too! See I’m not offended by the light of another my brother, and my sisters and I we’ve been held back a long long time!

Now, I mean no harm Man, don’t be tripping I love you! A woman can do almost anything men can do, but be a man Boo!