It’s always a beautiful day to be alive!


I opened my eyes a new days surprise! Hello good morning Glorious Ri_zing sister and brothers to my knees they hit the floor praying for all of us mothers and our loved ones and lovers asking that all who read this letter be protected and covered by the blood, grace and mercy_of one who loves us_decided one day to put peutred flesh on for us_walking, breathing, eatting, living holy_before us, amongst us living example_then ransomed lamb for us, resurrected_to prove to us_the Awesome_ness_of our connection to the source, so practicing your patterns in my life “The_Way”_ I Arize I am_Awake_Today!

Suffer without my Love

She is not ME 

Suffer without my love, and I know you will because my soul fits yours like a glove, first, her eyes will not twinkle every time you smile, nor will just at your sweet breath against her cheek make her heart race for miles. Your walk won’t make her vibrate in her seat, your intellect she will not find extremely neat, your pockets may be deep but, on her greed do not sleep. Yes, her words drip sweetly down as the honey raw from its cone, but my love if you knew how she cared for your soul it would chill you right down to the bone. Suffer without my love my dear sweet love, suffer; suffer without ME!