I would be tall and strong, wide and bold, holding my arms high and proud. My hair a perfectly freshly pruned green crown.

             Creation itself would stand in awe of my glory, for by reason of hearing my story.

             Seed stamped and trampled into an unsuspecting non desiring ground. Wind tossing uprooting over and over no foundation found.

             One day grabbing with dear life with last breath a pebble found. Soil beside it twinkle toed inbound. 

              I rested it’s not so fertile and kind of shallow but all that’s around. Sleeping in coldness and darkness and finally I’m grounded.

             Spring drew at last and warmth covered the grass, heated sprinkles drizzled down stalks to me. I’m drinking can this be?

             I see day light the sun is looking at me I can see! I’m alive growing free.

            Oh wow people are walking by dancing around and leaning on me. Could this really be the reality? Vegetation or flesh people will still need me.

            I stretch my arms high to the sky, towards all the galaxies_of heavens and infinity, I am part of Gods painting of his very own self and glory.

RahnDah Macheal Rainskin 

November 26th 2018 


Emptiness churning in darkness a
voice muffled from the insanity of the whisperers, echoes carried in the
wind of all those who came and went out and in, no one left to stand
by in the end. Twisted emotionally entangled with hearts that eventually mangle it’s victim’s soul,
it’s first to be strangled, spirit quickly quenched not too far behind
flesh is desired to expire it is usless now, no more aiding, rearing, no
romance, longing for a happy outcome without evidence of who
what how or when, sinking deeper into my darkness awaiting some sort
of end, can’t start a new, make new choices can not begin again, pit of
bottomless oblivion how in lonliness can one find energy to move on!

Lonliness the state of my heart.

RahnDah Macheal Rainskin
November 26th 2018 👑


A Child of the King

Thought before spoken, decisive and without emotion, truth in your word, it is not merely a token. Rhyme, Rhythm, and Reason; faithful, loyal, pure rule in every season. Never caving on your core proofs of justice, avoiding mishaps or appearing aloof, a word well spoken, and no good deed undone_ within sight and reach of the blessed one, care of all and in “THE WAY” living God and well of water in all you say. Sleepless nights drenched and soaked in prayers of intervention, heart aching at the masses intentions, prostrate before the throne, before the Master interceding on behalf of his_very own inventions.
For I was only created for this profound intention, from the KING of kings I am, I am God’s own child. I am Royalty.👑

I Am More

Faces Are a Fleeting Vanity 


My eyes are beautiful and alluring, my smile comforting and warming like sunshine storming_through the window panes in mid winter’s brutal frozen gaze, the kiss of my lips and my sweet breath leaves you in a daze_amaz_ing how my hips rhythm mezmorises and hypnotizes you speaking off in to the mystery of the cosmos_is_ crazy baby how I can give you love, pain, joy, bliss, and kids_and yet and still this is_not all I am. I am the wind breathing through the trees, I am the sun rays hot enough to bring men to their knees, I am the rain washing and cleansing away all your pain, I am the earth giving taking and nurturing life again. I am more.


Someone was talking about you today you see I got angry and hurt because I’m you and you’re me. I told them my parent your parent my child your child it doesn’t matter_friends or cousins cut out all your chatter.
Your words hurt and offend me, you’re speaking of my love you see, it is that we are one being existing in two bodies.
So if you speak badly of me to me then you are my enemy because a true friend would love all of me.
Because my love and I are one you see! Bone of his bone flesh of his flesh, your really don’t want to come at me with no mess.

Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Wedding Day:
We are finally together, and I can barely contain myself you see until we met I had endured tumultuous weathers, so much trust betrayed, so many unopened_open ended crooked letters.
Your eyes to my surprise pierced deep into the marrow of my bones the force of fire behind them shot fear to love slam out of my soul.
How enraptured we are looking into one another’s eyes for that is where proof of wisdom, time, faith, and our future lies.
Remember this my dear sweet love I will forever need and want you around because, truly I know that is when truth, light, love, and God is near and I am found.