A Child of the King

Thought before spoken, decisive and without emotion, truth in your word, it is not merely a token. Rhyme, Rhythm, and Reason; faithful, loyal, pure rule in every season. Never caving on your core proofs of justice, avoiding mishaps or appearing aloof, a word well spoken, and no good deed undone_ within sight and reach of the blessed one, care of all and in “THE WAY” living God and well of water in all you say. Sleepless nights drenched and soaked in prayers of intervention, heart aching at the masses intentions, prostrate before the throne, before the Master interceding on behalf of his_very own inventions.
For I was only created for this profound intention, from the KING of kings I am, I am God’s own child. I am Royalty.👑



Growing wiser in silence adding knowledge to my stance, understanding there’s only one chance_time flying wind blowing me through every circumstance no time to grieve while aching must push forward let the dead bury the dead_flesh-heart aching, crowned from above_on a mission, arms open wide squeezing so full of love, all ere and come so short glory_yet growing in spirit and stature on and on is my story_but what is it worth until I’m gone, to be a light before the darkness that considers himself not a son of the one true ONE_ and only living God of creation I worship Creator and not his animation, all is vanity in the end_ there’ll be nothing new under the sun no matter how much time you spend.

A song of my Degrees